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Legal Resources

Our legal team at Perry Charnoff loves to share their passion for the law and educate our clients and the public about legal topics that matter to them. To help with that mission, we’ve compiled a number of useful resources on this page, including a link to our blog, where you can learn about a variety of legal topics and receive important safety tips. We’ve also provided a list of frequently asked questions and a guide to the local courthouses in our area that we’ve put together based on our extensive litigation and trial experience.

Recent Articles

“We’re dealing with cases where people’s lives are never going to be the same. We go to their house, we talk to their family, we watch how they can no longer do things they used to do. Because it’s only when I step into your shoes that I can explain to a jury what you’ve been through. If we worked on volume and worked on hundreds of thousands of cases, we couldn’t do that. It’s really important to us.”

- Scott Perry, Partner