Car Accidents

At some point in our lives, most of us have been (or will be) involved in some form of car accident ― usually one or two fender benders in which no one was seriously injured and any property damage incurred was likewise minimal. Thankfully, cars today are remarkably safe, keeping us free from harm in most minor accidents. There are other motor vehicle crashes, though, in which people suffer catastrophic injuries that could potentially leave them incapacitated for life.

Car Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, despite the majority of modern vehicles being safer than ever, the margin for driver error has increased significantly with the advent and subsequent ubiquity of smart technology ― not to mention our propensity to fidget with these gadgets while hurtling along the freeway at 80 mph. And no matter how safely a vehicle is constructed, the fact remains that major car accidents will continue to occur and they will continue to cause severe, life-changing injuries and even death.These injuries can include, but are not limited to the following:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – Car accidents are the third-leading cause of TBIs in the United States and were the second-leading cause of death resulting from TBIs (26%) during 2006-2010. Severe brain injuries can lead to cognitive impairment, emotional turmoil, and decrease or loss of motor function. 

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Spinal Cord and Back Injuries – Damage to the spinal cord can cause paraplegia or quadriplegia, permanently disabling the victim and altering their life forever. Even seemingly minor injuries to the back can cause significant pain or discomfort, leading to an inability to work or live a normal life.

Internal Organ Injuries – The blunt impact of an accident or the incision by debris resulting from an accident can cause major damage to your internal organs, including your heart, liver, kidney, and lungs, all of which could lead to lifelong injuries or even death.

Fractures – Broken bones are among the most common injuries that occur during a car accident and are usually minor (e.g., fractured wrist or broken ribs), but compound fractures, breaks along the spinal cord, or a fractured skull could pose a serious threat to your life, or at the very least, your way of life. According to Newsweek, the trend of catastrophic injuries and fatalities continues to rise. For instance, during the first six months of 2015, 19,000 motorists were killed in traffic accidents and another 2.3 sustained “serious injuries.” These figures represented a 14% increase and a 30% increase, respectively, from the first six months of 2014. Additionally, the costs of these accidents (including medical expenses, wage and productivity loss, and property damage) rose 24% during the first half of 2014 ― an increase of nearly $30 billion. Thankfully, we don’t have to resign ourselves to this fate if we just take a few reasonable precautions on the roadways. In short, we need to do away with the misguided thinking that we are all invincible and that these sort of accidents and injuries only happen to other people. We need to eradicate distracted driving, which means no phone or device usage whatsoever, and we need to make sure that everyone is buckled in before we ever put the vehicle in gear.  

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Even if you take every precaution possible, you can still be injured in a car accident if someone else operates their vehicle in a negligent manner. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a car accident, please contact Perry Charnoff PLLC so that we can learn more about the particulars of your potential claim. We offer free consultations and our contingent fee guarantees that you will not pay any attorney fees in the event that we are unable to achieve a recovery in your case. Please call us today at (703) 291-6650 or complete the form on this page to learn more.

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