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Eduardo Morales

Associate Attorney

Eduardo Morales serves as our newest associate attorney, assisting our civil and commercial litigation practice.

Prior to joining our firm, Eduardo worked as a risk analyst in one of the nation’s largest commercial banks. Eduardo also served as a law clerk in the Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia and as a congressional intern for Puerto Rico’s member in the United States House of Representatives. Eduardo holds degrees in law, finance, and accounting. He serves as our team’s native Spanish speaker and is a proud alumni of Villanova University School of Business. 

“It isn’t just about finding fault with the party that necessarily may or may not have been negligent in the action, but it’s also about feeling like you’ve been given an answer to this huge problem in a client’s life and I think that through the process of civil litigation we are able to give clients those answers.”

- Leslee M. Soudrette