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Meet Our Legal Team


Scott M. Perry


Scott M. Perry is a founding partner of Perry Charnoff PLLC. Mr. Perry limits his practice to plaintiff catastrophic injury cases, including commercial vehicle collisions, wrongful death, product liability, and medical malpractice. An accomplished trial lawyer, Mr. Perry has consistently been named as a Washington, D.C., area “Super Lawyer” since age 35, an accolade awarded by his legal peers.  >


Mikhael D. Charnoff


Mikhael D. Charnoff is a founding partner of Perry Charnoff PLLC. Mr. Charnoff practices within a wide range of civil and commercial litigation, including business torts, contract disputes, and real estate litigation. He also handles a range of professional liability defense cases that involve legal malpractice, real estate, and federal statutory claims.  >


Leslee M. Soudrette


Leslee M. Soudrette is an associate attorney at Perry Charnoff PLLC. She is a successful trial lawyer who practices a wide range of civil litigation, including personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death.  >


Anne D. Pile


Anne D. Pile works with the Perry Charnoff team as a legal nurse consultant. With 15 years of experience as a nurse and more than a decade as a legal nurse consultant, she brings medical expertise, passion for patient advocacy, and an inside understanding of the health care field to the team at Perry Charnoff.


Kathleen Anderson


Kathleen Anderson works at Perry Charnoff PLLC helping with day-to-day needs that range from legal research to client communication. >


Megan J. LaVeck


As our paralegal, Megan LaVeck ensures that operations at Perry Charnoff run smoothly. She joined the firm because of her desire to work closely with clients in order to achieve positive outcomes, effect change, and help set new precedents.  >

Perry Charnoff PLLC was formed on three principles:

We are trial lawyers first.

Simply put, trial experience matters. When we agree to represent a client, we prepare your case assuming it may go to trial and strategize accordingly. Our attorneys’ combined 30 years of trial experience — working for both the plaintiff’s and defense’s side allows our team to view each case from an informed and nuanced perspective. We feel at home in the courtroom, and we understand the practices and procedures of local courts as well as how to best advocate for you in each venue.

We litigate to achieve results.

We use the litigation process to attain justice, not to fight pointless battles. Often, the majority of the effort and money spent on litigation accumulates during the pre-trial phase, which includes pleadings, discovery, and motions practice. We approach this phase with an aggressive and efficient strategy in order to reduce costs for our clients. No one wins when cases languish, and our approach respects that.

We respect our community.

We provide legal representation for clients in Arlington, Virginia, and the broader Washington, D.C., metro area, and we consider ourselves their neighbors as well as their advocates. We stay active in our community by supporting local initiatives (including the annual Clarendon Day event in Arlington) and nationwide causes that we are passionate about, particularly those centered around issues of community and family safety.

“The first thing we do with every significant case is we take it apart. We sit down and we say, “What will be the defense to this case?” and having a former defense lawyer as a partner helps us because he can point out any weaknesses and that allows us to plan for the weaknesses.”

- Scott Perry, Partner