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Your Daily Coffee Regimen – Keeping you Healthy?

Scientists and physicians have long debated whether coffee helps, or hurts, your longtime health.  In the May 17, 2012 New England Journal of Medicine (“NEJM”), the coffee drinkers get a pass.  The Study bears a title that only the a medical journal could endorse:  “Association of Coffee Drinking With Total And Cause-Specific Mortality.”

The authors studied the association of death and coffee drinking among 402,000 people.  It concluded that coffee consumption was “inversely associated” with “total and cause-specific mortality.”  Translation:  coffee drinking was not linked to a higher rate of death.  The lack of a correlation was most specific with heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes and infection.  While the study cautions that scientists cannot be sure of the lack of a link, it speculates that the many antioxidants in coffee might be helpful in promoting long-term health.  Though cautioning over-reliance, the study concludes that “our reliance provides reassurance with respect to the concern that coffee drinking might adversely affect health.”

Chalk one up for the coffee drinkers!