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Alleged DC Sexual Abuse by Priests and Clergy Comes to Light

Incidences of DC sexual abuse by priests and clergy can leave victims with long-lasting physical and emotional scars. Speaking out about incidences of DC sexual abuse by priests and clergy can offer victims a reprieve and prevent similar incidences from occurring in the future. Reverend Vazquez in The Washington Post According to The Washington Post,…

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Choosing an Arlington Personal Injury Attorney

An Arlington Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Get Peace of Mind  Suffering a serious injury from another’s negligence is extremely stressful but finding the right Arlington personal injury attorney can help ease your burden. Some Common Types of Personal Injury: Medical Malpractice: Unfortunately, medical errors which lead to severe injuries are common. For example,…

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A Brief Anatomy of an Injury Lawsuit

personal injury law suit anatomy

After a catastrophic injury, putting your life back together and moving toward some sense of normality and closure can be extremely difficult. For many victims, one of the most important steps toward this goal involves filing a lawsuit and holding the negligent parties who caused their injury accountable. Every successful catastrophic injury claim requires three…

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