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Do You Have a Medical Misdiagnosis DC Claim?

If you or someone you love has received a medical misdiagnosis DC, it is possible to hold the offenders or offending institution accountable for their negligence through medical malpractice litigation. Litigation pursuing medical misdiagnosis DC claims can offer victims reprieve for their suffering and hold offenders accountable, which prevents similar incidences from occurring in the…

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Medical Negligence DC in USA Today

Medical negligence DC can occur any time a doctor has provided sub-standard care to a patient, often leading to permanent injuries or even death. When incidences of medical negligence DC occur, it is important to hold individuals or institutions accountable, to prevent future incidences from occurring. Medical Negligence DC in USA Today Perry Charnoff is…

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DC Medical Malpractice Litigation

DC medical malpractice can occur when a healthcare provider makes a critical medical error during treatment. DC medical malpractice litigation can provide financial relief for victims of medical negligence while working to promote change and prevent future mistakes. What is DC Medical Malpractice? Commonly, medical malpractice is considered the inappropriate treating of, or failure to…

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New System for Patients to Report Medical Errors

Before you hire a landscaper to mow your lawn, you probably do some reseach to find out about him: you talk to neighbors, you check our Angie’s List or Yelp! or other such sites. So you do an equally comprehensive search when considering what hospital to use for emergencies or for surgery, right? If you…

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Should A Medical Malpractice Jury Be Entitled To Know Whether A Doctor Is Board Certified?…Schneider v. Little’s Cautionary Tale

It happens all the time in medical-malpractice litigation.  A defendant doctor who is not board certified seeks to bolster his/her credibility by providing testimony to the jury about his/her credentials, accomplishments and awards.  At the same time, the doctor cries foul when the plaintiff patient wants the jury to know that the doctor is not…

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