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Catastrophic Injury Lawsuits: Man is Crushed by BART Train

Catastrophic injury lawsuits can help victims seek justice for their injuries Catastrophic injury lawsuits can help victims obtain compensation for large hospital bills, missed compensation, and lasting complications. Catastrophic Injury Lawsuits: Man Seeks to Improve Safety Standards for BART Trains According to the East Bay Times, Michael Seymore was hit by a BART train on…

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Choosing an Arlington Personal Injury Attorney

An Arlington Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Get Peace of Mind  Suffering a serious injury from another’s negligence is extremely stressful but finding the right Arlington personal injury attorney can help ease your burden. Some Common Types of Personal Injury: Medical Malpractice: Unfortunately, medical errors which lead to severe injuries are common. For example,…

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Smart Phone Distractions Leading to Needless Injuries

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Try placing your smart phone in airplane mode while you read this.  Though my words take less than five minutes to read, many of you will be angst-ridden while the phone sits silently beside you.  I am a catastrophic-injury lawyer who represents brain-injury survivors whose injury was caused by another’s negligence.  As March is National…

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5 Ways to Cope with a Catastrophic Injury

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Life after a catastrophic injury such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord injury (SCI) can be challenging. Suddenly, your life may look very different, even as the life of everyone else you know goes on as normal. This can seem extremely unfair, and it’s not easy to allow yourself and your life…

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Who Is Liable When Construction Injuries Happen?

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While construction work is a vital job for our economy and infrastructure, it’s also hazardous. According to TIME Magazine’s 2016 list of the most dangerous jobs in America, first-line construction supervisors and construction laborers have the eleventh- and twelfth-highest rates of fatal injuries among U.S. occupations, respectively. In 2014 alone, 208 construction workers and 130…

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Three Reasons Why Large Truck Crashes Are So Deadly

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There’s no good kind of auto accident, but if there’s a type of crash you would want to avoid more than any other, it would be a crash with a tractor-trailer or other large commercial truck. In 2014, car passengers accounted for 97% of fatalities in two-vehicle accidents that involved a large truck. Taking into…

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