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Special-needs Student Allegedly Suffered Sexual Abuse in Maryland Schools

Sexual abuse in Maryland schools can occur when trusted teachers, administrators, coaches, or bus drivers use their position of authority to take advantage of students.

Students may be hesitant to come forward when sexual abuse in Maryland schools occurs.

Sexual Abuse in Maryland Schools in The Washington Postsexual abuse in Maryland schools

According to The Washington Post, one 12-year-old special-needs student drew a picture of herself crying next to her bus driver. In part, this drawing helped lead detectives to put together a case alleging a Montgomery County bus driver sexually abused the student while the bus was stopped. Police officials said the assault was captured on a bus camera and occurred around 12:30 pm on July 31st. The bus driver sat next to her and molested her, while she screamed and moved away from him, police allege. The suspect- who had worked for the school system for over a decade- was charged with sex abuse of a minor, second-degree rape, and third-degree sex offense. The suspect was scheduled to fly from Newark to Ethiopia and Montgomery County Assistant State’s Attorney Elizabeth Haynos said that he was a flight risk. The suspect was ordered to be held in jail without bond, according to court records.

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Crimes of sexual abuse in Maryland schools are extremely reprehensible. No one should ever have to endure the effects of sexual abuse. However, when these incidences occur, it is particularly important that offenders are held accountable to prevent future incidences. At Perry Charnoff, our attorneys understand the sensitive nature of these cases and will prioritize your comfort throughout this difficult process.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of sexual abuse in Maryland schools, start by reaching out to an attorney you can trust, like those at Perry Charnoff.