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Personal Injury Case Settled on the Eve of Trial: Janitor Wins $13 Million from Tesla

Personal injury can occur when someone acts negligently and causes injury.

personal injury

Personal injury or even death can result from severe accidents in the workplace.

Personal Injury of Janitor at Tesla Factory Almost Makes it to Trial

Teodora Tapia, a former janitor at a Tesla assembly plant incurred catastrophic injuries while mopping at work in 2014.  According to The Recorder, lawyers for the janitor reached a 13 million dollar settlement shortly after the jury selection was completed.  Tapia was mopping up a puddle when an employee attempted to move one of the cars, accidentally putting it into drive and driving straight into Tapia.  Tapia was pinned between two cars and her lower extremities were crushed, she claimed that she had not been able to work since the accident.  Tesla stated that the lawsuit was not related to Tesla’s safety practices.  The settlement satisfied the damages .Tapia is permanently disabled, but the settlement will help her provide for herself and her family.

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