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Medical Negligence DC: Military Malpractice Policy May be Overturned

Medical negligence DC can occur when individuals are wrongly diagnosed, or medical professionals fail to treat their patients in line with accepted standards of care.

Medical negligence DC lawsuits can hold medical professionals accountable for incidences of negligence and medical mistakes.

Military Malpractice

medical negligence DC

According to, Navy Lt. Rebekah Daniel passed away at age 33 just four hours after giving birth to her first child, Victoria, in March 2014, at Naval Hospital Bremerton. Daniel never even got the chance to hold her baby, now age 5. The mother passed away as a result of post-partum hemorrhaging which caused her to lose more than one-third of her body’s volume of blood. Daniel’s husband’s attorney argues that the doctors failed to deploy treatment in time, which ultimately led to her death.

While Daniel, as an active duty service member, is required to get medical care from the US military, her family is prohibited from suing for medical malpractice under the 1950 ruling of Feres that prevents troops from suing the federal government for medical malpractice. Attorney Eugene Fiddell, a military law expert who lectures at Yale Law School has said about the ruling, “Suppose you had two sisters. One was on active duty and the other was a military dependent. Both of them give birth in adjoining rooms at the same military hospital [by the same doctor]. Both are victims of malpractice. One can sue and the other one can’t. How can that make sense?”

The US Supreme Court will decide whether to hear a petition from Daniel’s husband in his case against the Navy Hospital Bremerton.

Medical Negligence DC

Medical malpractice DC is a highly complex field of the law because it requires a thorough understanding of medicine and science. Our attorneys have decades of experience in this field and are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you fight for justice. When medical professionals are held accountable, it can prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of medical negligence DC, our attorneys can explain your options in a free, confidential consultation.

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