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Medical Malpractice Attorneys Defend Victims of Negligence: Jahi McMath’s Story

Medical malpractice attorneys, like those at Perry Charnoff, can hold medical professionals accountable for incidences of negligence.

Medical malpractice attorneys use civil litigation to ensure medical mistakes are recognized and future mistakes are prevented.

medical malpractice attorneys

Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Perry Charnoff

At Perry Charnoff, our attorneys have decades of experience litigating cases of medical malpractice and wrongful death throughout the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area. We are trial lawyers first which means we take a unique, holistic approach to every case and prepare strategies for every possible outcome.

Our medical malpractice attorneys also understand the difficult nature of these cases and will prioritize your comfort throughout the litigation process. No one expects to be a victim of medical negligence but when these incidences occur, holding medical professionals accountable can ensure these incidences are prevented in the future.

Jahi McMath’s Story

According to the Washington Post, a 13-year-old girl, Jahi McMath underwent routine tonsil-removal surgery. When she awoke after her surgery, she began coughing up blood. The nurses in Children’s Hospital Oakland assured her concerned mother that this was normal and had the mother suction blood from her daughter’s mouth. Three hours later, the blood had filed a bucket and covered the child’s clothes and bedsheets. The child’s grandmother, who is a nurse, noticed that her oxygen saturation levels had dropped. Despite repeated requests from the girl’s mother and family, a doctor did not arrive to see Jahi McMath until the next day, at 12:30 am. According to a lawsuit by the family, when the doctor arrived he said, “S***, her heart stopped.” Two days later, two hospital tests showed that Jahi McMath was brain dead.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a doctor’s negligence, medical malpractice attorneys like those at Perry Charnoff may be able to help.