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Medical Error Leads Hospital to Pay Woman to Get Abortion, Lawsuit Alleges

Medical error can occur when a treating physician makes a medical mistake or acts negligently.

Medical error can result in catastrophic injury or even death.

Medical Error in NBC Chicago

medical error

According to NBC Chicago, a 23-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit after a hospital pressured her into getting an abortion. In November of 2017, Reneizha Morris was having a healthy pregnancy when she was mistakenly injected with a drug that could cause birth defects in her baby, according to the lawsuit. Morris was then pressured over a series of meetings to terminate the baby. At one point, the hospital gave Morris $2,000 cash and a letter stating the money was for ‘a consultation’ at a Planned Parenthood clinic. The baby was ultimately aborted on December 15th of that year. Morris’s attorney said in a statement, “This case has one of the ugliest fact patterns I have ever seen. A perfectly healthy fetus was given a deadly injection based on reckless communication. The hospital administration knew full well they would have been legally responsible for the considerable healthcare costs associated with the baby’s birth injury. The hospital purely had their own interests in mind and failed to take Reneizha’s wishes into consideration.”

How We Can Help

If you or a loved one has experienced a medical error, our attorneys may be able to help you seek justice through medical malpractice litigation, to hold the doctor accountable and ensure future incidences are prevented.

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