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Updates on DC Priest Sexual Abuse Allegations

DC priest sexual abuse can occur when those in a position of authority use their authority to take advantage of others. DC priest sexual abuse

New DC priest sexual abuse allegations have been brought against Urbano Vazquez according to the Washington Post.

DC Priest Sexual Abuse Allegations

According to the Washington Post, DC priest Urbano Vazquez from the Shrine of the Sacred Heart was accused of abusing two additional victims. He was charged with second-degree sexual assault of a minor and misdemeanor assault of an adult woman. Allegedly, one victim was abused starting when she was 9 years old and continuing until she was ten. She reported that Vazquez kissed her on the lips and inappropriately touched her over her clothing.

Last month, Vazquez was arrested for second-degree child sexual abuse. Although three young women reported that they had been sexually abused by Vazquez in 2015, prosecutors were unable to charge him because of a 3-year statute of limitations on misdemeanor offenses. However, a recent bill passed by the DC Council on December 4th has extended the statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases to allow victims to bring a suit against offenders until they turn 40. This means that those previously unable to pursue a sexual abuse case because of an expired statute of limitations, like the victims in this case, may now be eligible. The DC Council has given victims a 2-year window to file a new case if it was barred under the previous statute.

Next Steps

The U.S. attorney’s office has set up a clergy abuse hotline, where victims can call 202-252-7008 or email to report instances of sexual abuse.

If you or someone you love has experienced DC priest sexual abuse, our attorneys may be able to help. We understand that pursuing this type of litigation can be painful for victims, and we will prioritize your comfort throughout this difficult process.

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