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DC Failure to Diagnose: Woman Suffers Three Years of Misdiagnosis

DC failure to diagnose finally resolved when the woman’s daughter, whose in training to be a nurse, recognizes the rare disease

DC failure to diagnose

Failure to diagnose can occur when a doctor or medical professional fails to correctly identify a patient’s condition

In one instance of DC failure to diagnose, a young nurse in training determined what condition her mother has.

According to the Washington Post, a young nurse, Kimberly Ho, solved her mother’s longstanding medical mystery.  Ho’s mother, Tuyet Le, had been experiencing flare ups of painful and confusing symptoms for years before Ho thought she might have figured out what condition her mother has.  When Le first noticed symptoms, she was experiencing genital ulcers that were extremely painful.  Le was referred to a gynecologist who diagnosed her with a herpes infection and prescribed medicine.  The medicine did not treat her condition, so the gynecologist performed a biopsy.  The biopsy was inconclusive, and Le was referred to a dermatologist. Le went on to see three more doctors and specialists, all of whom failed to find a conclusive diagnosis.  One such DC failure to diagnose included a rheumatologist who diagnosed her with rheumatoid arthritis.  Le became more and more concerned about her large medical costs and persisting problem.

At Children’s National Medical Center in DC, Ho was listening to a lecture for on incorrect diagnoses when she recognized her mother’s symptoms. The example used in the presentation was a young girl who was diagnosed with herpes when in fact her ulcers were a symptom of Behcet’s disease.  Finally, Le was able to get a referral for a doctor who correctly diagnosed Behcet’s and put her on a medication regiment that treated the disease.  After a very long process, Le’s health finally improved. Le said she is “so thankful that my daughter is a nurse and was able to attend class at the hospital that day.” Without it, she continued, “I am not sure if I would have a diagnosis right now.” 

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DC failure to diagnose is a huge problem that can result in prolonged pain and suffering for patients, as well as mounting medical costs.  If you or a loved one has experienced failure to diagnose problems, our legal team can help you seek the justice that you deserve.

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