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Safe Cycling, Walking, and Jogging Tips for Spring

  Spring has sprung. As the daily temperature increases, we will inevitably see a blossoming of walkers, joggers, runners, and cyclists on and along our streets. With this uptick in outdoor activity, though, comes the responsibility of pedestrians, bicyclists, and car and truck drivers to stay on alert and practice safe habits to avoid a…

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A Brief Anatomy of an Injury Lawsuit

After a catastrophic injury, putting your life back together and moving toward some sense of normality and closure can be extremely difficult. For many victims, one of the most important steps toward this goal involves filing a lawsuit and holding the negligent parties who caused their injury accountable. Every successful catastrophic injury claim requires three…

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March Is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain injuries are a common but unspoken fact of life for many people. Millions of Americans are affected by traumatic brain injuries (also called TBIs), but because the effects aren’t necessarily outwardly visible, especially to strangers, many of them suffer in silence. Not only that, but people with brain injuries may avoid social situations due…

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Perry Charnoff Announces $500k Recovery in D.C. Case

Yesterday, the Perry Charnoff legal team secured a jury verdict of nearly $500,000 in favor of our client in a Washington D.C. medical malpractice case. The case involved a surgeon who decided to delay our client’s emergency surgery for appendicitis, at great cost to her health. Surgeon’s Delay Leads to Severe Complications for Patient Perry…

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Social Media Adds New Dimension to Assisted Living Abuse

Physical and emotional abuse of people in assisted living facilities and nursing homes is a serious and widespread issue that should never be ignored. Unfortunately, even as federal health officials try to deal with the problem, it appears that social media is giving elder abuse a new life online. In recent years, federal officials say…

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Japanese Hospital Uses Toyota Methods to Reduce Errors

Prescription medication errors are almost always preventable, especially if hospitals, pharmacies, and medical professionals place patient safety above any other concern. Unfortunately, though, millions of Americans are harmed or even killed each year by such errors. To combat this problem, a hospital in Japan is doing something a little unconventional. To reduce the number of…

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