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Smart Phone Distractions Leading to Needless Injuries

Try placing your smart phone in airplane mode while you read this.  Though my words take less than five minutes to read, many of you will be angst-ridden while the phone sits silently beside you.  I am a catastrophic-injury lawyer who represents brain-injury survivors whose injury was caused by another’s negligence.  As March is National…

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Emergency Room Physicians Often Fail to Diagnose Brain Injuries

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Despite the incredibly sophisticated medical tests and treatments available today, traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims can struggle to get an accurate diagnosis. This is especially true in emergency rooms. Hectic conditions and overworked doctors combine with the challenging nature of brain injuries to create an alarming number of missed TBI diagnoses. This is troubling because…

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These Medical Devices Create the Most Defect-Related Lawsuits

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The Dangers of Defective Medical Devices  Even in this age of high-tech healthcare, going to the hospital for a surgery or routine procedure is not without risks. Complications and errors can occur during a surgery, or a deadly manufacturing flaw could lead to ineffective or even harmful implants. That’s why it’s so important to know all the risks involved in a medical…

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