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Military Claims Act

A new federal law allows active duty military members to seek compensation for medical malpractice and wrongful death claims. For several decades, active duty military have been unable to obtain compensation for medical malpractice. This unfair policy has finally been changed. In December of 2019, the National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law, adding a medical malpractice provision to the Military Claims Act.

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Catastrophic Injury Lawsuits: Man is Crushed by BART Train

Catastrophic injury lawsuits can help victims seek justice for their injuries Catastrophic injury lawsuits can help victims obtain compensation for large hospital bills, missed compensation, and lasting complications. Catastrophic Injury Lawsuits: Man Seeks to Improve Safety Standards for BART Trains According to the East Bay Times, Michael Seymore was hit by a BART train on…

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Verdict Published in Virginia Lawyers Weekly

We are proud to announce our $12 million jury verdict, awarded to a family who lost their 39-year-old wife and mother after doctors failed to diagnose a blood clot, was published in Virginia Lawyers Weekly.  Attorney Scott Perry argued that the medical professional’s failure to timely and accurately diagnose Isatu Sheriff’s deep vein thrombosis, a treatable…

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Medical Error Lawsuits Result from Lack of Transparency

Medical error lawsuits can be filed by patients whose conditions were not diagnosed in a timely or accurate manner, leading to a catastrophic or permanent injury. Medical error lawsuits can help victims of medical malpractice understand how they were injured and seek recourse for these injuries. Medical Error Lawsuits According to the Washington Post, researchers…

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