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Our Story




Perry Charnoff PLLC emerged from the desire to provide a holistic approach to trial law by giving voice to clients’ grief and providing supportive counsel. For Perry Charnoff, trial law is more than just a legal endeavor.

Before forming Perry Charnoff, trial lawyers Mikhael Charnoff and Scott Perry met in court often on the opposite sides of cases. Perry Charnoff PLLC was born out of a mutual respect for the two attorneys’ respect for each other’s work. In discussing their approach to cases, clients, and jury trials, Mr. Charnoff and Mr. Perry recognized the value of dynamic, experienced trial lawyers who are willing and able to bring intensity and creativity to their practice. Today, being able to see both sides of every case allows Perry Charnoff to bring a unique approach to their cases. By keeping the firm small, focused, and nimble, we can provide a customized approach to every case and client.

Mr. Charnoff and Mr. Perry have many successful verdicts and settlements. Learn more


Perry Charnoff PLLC was formed on three principles:



We are trial lawyers first.

Simply put, trial experience matters. When we agree to represent a client, we prepare your case assuming it will go to trial, and we strategize accordingly. Our combined 30 years of trial experience, which we gathered on both sides of the table, allows us to view each case from a comprehensive perspective. We are comfortable in the courtroom, and we are familiar with the practices and procedures of local courts as well as how to best advocate for you in each venue.




We litigate to achieve results.

We use the litigation process to attain justice, not just to fight pointless battles. Much of the time, effort, and money spent on litigation occurs during the pre-trial phase, which includes pleadings, discovery, and motions practice. We approach this phase in an aggressive yet cost-effective manner. No one wins when cases languish, and our approach respects that.




We respect our community.

We provide legal representation for victims in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. We are active citizens in our community, and we support both local initiatives (including the annual Clarendon Day event in Arlington) and nationwide causes that we are passionate about — particularly those centered around community and family safety issues.